The Opulence of Solitude

I work in a busy office where I am part of an even busier support staff.  This means I spend a large portion of every day answering the phone, repeating answers to the same questions to a large team of people and answering an ever growing number of email messages.  This time of year I get to my desk about dawn and don’t leave until it is nearly dark.  (If I couldn’t see out of my boss’s windows I would rarely see the sun at all.)

With the constant interaction with those around me at work I’m pretty done dealing with anyone by the time I get home.  Sometimes I feel bad that the Big Guy (the boyfriend) and the cat get none of my energy.  I just want to sit and stare at the wall after the 2 hour commute.  Dinner for me often doesn’t even happen – I just can’t be bothered.

Enter: The Week Alone.  The Big Guy works a job that has mandatory state regulated training after he works so many hours.  This training is at a facility several hours away and provides a full dorm/ meal plan while he’s there.  What does this mean for me?  AWESOMENESS!!!!!

I had totally forgotten how wonderful it can be when I can be quiet and totally turn off to everything I don’t want to deal with.  Last night after the longer than normal commute home (thank you crazy-thick fog!) I was able to heat up some leftovers, pour myself a tall vodka and Fresca (don’t judge) and watch several episodes of Weeds via Netflix streaming.  I feel totally refreshed today.  A mini-vacation right there in my living room!

Who knew that total control of the remote and some booze could make me so happy?  It *almost* makes me feel guilty when I was receiving text messages from the Big Guy about how much he misses me.  But, only almost.

Tonight I’m going for a repeat performance.


One thought on “The Opulence of Solitude

  1. Don’t feel bad!! This is one thing I’ve learned since having 2 kids. You NEED your quiet time. And it’s not a time that you have to leave your house to get some quiet. I want to be able to sit (or sleep) in my own house with everyone else gone. I LOVE having the house to myself (well besides Bella and Zak). I can watch what I want to watch, go upstairs and take a nap, and not have to listen to any fighting/screaming/crying/wailing kids. Or husband.

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