Workin’ For The Man…

So, I’m sure you’re all pretty aware that we’re in the midst of the “great recession”.  I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to keep my job working for a large corporation during this time.  That said, however, does not just automatically make me the happiest-of-campers.

Don’t get me wrong – I love getting my paycheck!  But…  my work is accounting related.  Somewhere in the long-ago-past some executive decided that our fiscal year should end with the calendar year.  This means I spend most of December spouting curses and phrases like, “Company-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named just pooped on Christmas!” while simultaneously freaking out that I’m not meeting my many, many billing deadlines and not getting my Christmas cards mailed and Christmas gifts purchased.

Begin this Monday in December: I had a super-fantastic weekend filled with sister shenanigans and cuddling in front of the fire with The Big Guy while eating a cheese platter and watching bad tv.  Then, starting Sunday about noon I began DREADING my week.  This could easily be the busiest week of the whole frakking year.  I have a growing pit in my tummy and my easily distracted mind has already started to run in a circle like a toddler with too much sugar in their system.  Growing panic has set in.  If it was only work related I might be able to deal, but I have a growing list of things like: decorate tree, decorate house, shop for gifts, wrap gifts, bake cookies, etc., etc., etc. knocking around in my brain.

I’ve totally lost track of where I was going with this post.  Perhaps I haven’t had enough coffee yet today?  Perhpas my brain is already on it’s toddler sugar rush?  Please wish me luck with meeting my work deadlines.  If you hear reports of someone going totally nuts at work it might just be me…


3 thoughts on “Workin’ For The Man…

  1. Hello! Christmas is a sucky time for me too – I too work for a big corporation which is runoff its feet in December and this puts a big skidmark on the festive season for me too. Good luck and keep smiling (and blogging!) and look forward to the peace of January!


    • Yup – I do have a 150 mile commmute. 75 each way. I basically live in my car. If I could figure out a way to blog and drive at the same time it would be soooo very super awesome! (That and I’d have a TON of content!)

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