Groceries in the ‘Burbs

Grocery shopping is never may favorite activty of the week – and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be alone with that statment.  While I do enjoy looking at the giant array of foods available in my Northern California town, the crowds often make my anxiety kick into overdrive.

This week I got to weather the crowds alone.  Luckily, I had a very short list entered into my super-swanky new smartphone – so I knew I should be able to do the “in and out” relatively quickly.  While perusing the eggs – something caught my eye:  18 ct = $3.08, 1 Dozen = $1.48.  Um, what?  So, I can pay more than double but get only 6 more eggs for my basket?  I checked – same egg distributor and egg size.  WHA?!?!  Do they really think that the fancy grey 18-count carton is going to blind us into purchasing this set of eggs?  I mean seriously – for 10-cents less I could just purchase 2 dozen eggs.

I also noticed that my Jimmy Dean maple breakfast sausage was back down to the normal $1.90/ lb now that the factory coupon had expired.

Has anyone else noticed this?  I’ve tried to explain to a few people that the grocery chain I frequent is a very, very savvy retail establishment.  Usually, their prices can’t be beat.  BUT – when the coupons are flying, their prices often jump up on those same items.  (That Jimmy Dean deliciousness was $4.38/ lb when the $1.50 off factory coupon was in action – LESS of a deal than normal price.)  (Right about this point in my rant those poor people who have been cornered by me get an incredulous look on their face that clearly states: Yeah, RIGHT, crazy woman.  Someone must have forgotten their meds again today…”)

I love the idea of couponing – but the stores are sooo on to us consumers.  Plus – the last time I met up with a “Super” (aka CRAZY!) Couponer in line at Walmart they had 10 tubes of Bengay in their cart.  I’m sorry – but I don’t care if 8 of those are free, I just am never going to use that much Bengay before it goes bad.  Why waste?

I had another great paragraph here before I tried to create a snazzy link in the midst of my sentence.  Seems I failed – and also lost the awesomeness that was on the page.  I have no idea what I said – so it must have been a lie?  Perhaps I’m mixing wives tails here…  Hmmm…  Bear with me.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has noticed random tactics by their food retailers to encourage them to part with their money.  🙂

See – I’m less angry today.  Thank you all for bearing with me!


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