The Ribbon

I like ribbons.  I especially like them when there is a gift nestled inside one tied in a bow.

However, this totally isn’t about a gift.  It’s about traffic.

I’m not a huge fan of my commute in the winter when it’s dark both coming to and returning from work.  However, there is one highlight – the view of tail lights on the freeway/country roads in front of me miles in the distance.

I realize to many this may just be stressful.  LOOK at all that traffic!  I’ll never get home!

But, for me, who spends about 50% of my non-working and non-sleeping time in the car – I’ll take any bit of beauty I can get.  I love cresting a hill and seeing a ribbon of red stretching out before me miles in the distance surrounded by darkness and twinkly white lights.  I think it’s pretty.

Then, when I reach the 20 mile twisty country road/ death trap throughfare at the finale of my commute I can use this same ribbon of light to gauge how long I’ll be sitting in stop-and-go traffic up a big hill.  (Seriously, whomever decided to change the lanes on this road to make the longest bit of stop-and-go be on the uphill slope of a giant hill needs to drive a stick shift for awhile.  Grrrr….  At least my clutch skills are improving!)  I can see this hill for just a moment on the approach as it peeks between the summits of two pastures.  In the summer when it’s still sunny I don’t have the ribbon of light to tell me if there is a backup here.  I’m not yet close enough to gather if there is traffic on that bit of blacktop in the moment the road is visible.  See – the ribbon of light is both pretty AND useful!

(I’ve really wanted to try and take a picture of this ribbon.  There are several places on my commute home where I have a great view.  But – I don’t car pool.  I’m just guessing me trying to take a picture of traffic lights while piloting a car at 70 mph in heavy traffic isn’t the best choice.  I’ll just have to hold off on that one for awhile.  Please use your immagination to picture the beauty.)

Here’s to taking a moment to enjoy the little things in life.  Beauty really is everywhere.  Sometimes you just have to put the road rage aside for a moment to realize it.


2 thoughts on “The Ribbon

  1. Amanda. Are you saying you like traffic? I see it and I immediatley start to panic. Silently. I always get nervous when there is traffic. And what ALWAYS then happens is…I need to use the restroom.

    • No, I don’t like traffic. But, since I’m going to be sitting in it anyway I figure I may as well find *something* good about it! As for the restroom issue – I have a list of “always clean” public restrooms in my head for various points of my journey. I rarely make it home without stopping.

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