Evil, Evil Traffic

So, in stark contrast to my last post where I waxed poetic about the beauty of a string of tail lights before me, today I will whine about the vast amout of traffic I encountered this morning on my way in to work.

I have several “normal” areas of intense stop-and-go traffic both going in and returning from work each day.  However, this morning that stop started earlier – and was a true stop.  No go.  Just stop and wait.  This continued for several minutes – never, ever a good sign. 

(I’m sure the few of you reading this are both nodding your head AND thinking – why does she even bother writing what is so blatently obvious?)

But, I digress.

After sitting stationary for several minutes I turned on the radio to listen to the traffic update only to find that there was an *already cleared* accident ahead of me about 5 miles that was screwing with my ability to move forward.  I immediately went into rant mode.  The accident is ALREADY cleared?  Why am I not moving?  Did they close the freeway?  (Repeat, repeat, repeat.)  All in all, it took me almost 40 minutes to traverse that 5 miles.  That made my commute clock in at 2.5 hours.  Any time I go over the 2 hour mark I start getting cranky.

Let’s just say I’m not all that happy this morning.  Here’s to hoping that the ride home takes slightly less time.


2 thoughts on “Evil, Evil Traffic

  1. Love this blog! I am nodding and agreeing but alas my commute is less than a week away from becoming a thing of the past. Goodbye headaches and hello open road. Now I’m about to know what James Dean felt like…hehe

  2. Luckily I no longer have a commute. Unless I have to go somewhere. But I sympathize with you. Not that my Walnut Creek commute was evenb half of what you deal with but still….Traffic is traffic in my oppinion. What was normally a 15-20 minute drive turned into 45 minutes. Or an hour plus. Just awful. And it didn’t matter if I tried little “back ways”.

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