Crack-a-licious Smart Phone

I got an awesome early Christmas present from The Big Guy.  A swanky-pants new smart phone.  Now, I’m struggling with the magnetic pull to it’s shiny back-lit screen.

My old phone was only replaced because some of the numbers no longer worked.  (Thank goodness for speed dial or some people would have NEVER heard from me.)  It was a phone that lasted me over 5 years of daily use.  It was a flip phone.  It had no internet access.  It easily fit into my pocket.  It was great for talking – but sucked for texting.  I liked my little phone.  However, it was CRAZY outdated and starting to die.

Enter – The Gift.

I knew which phone and service plan I wanted.  (My old plan was so old it cost a fortune for very limited services.  I pay basicall the same now – but with a LOT more services.)  However, I did NOT want to have to shell out for the phone.  Ouchie to the bank account.

So, The Big Guy stepped in.  Sooo awesome!  But – he’s totally created a monster.

I was able to withstand “The Pull” for about a month.  Then, as I was sitting in my normal evening commute – waiting to move forward my 6 inches during my fourth trip through a certain traffic signal’s cycle – I felt “The Pull”.  Anyone who has a smart phone probably knows what I’m talking about.  You know it.  The little magic device sitting on the seat RIGHT NEXT TO YOU that’s calling your name and whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

“Hi there.  Look at me with my entertaining interweb sitting right here.  Come on.  Pick me up.  WHAT are your friends doing on Facebook?  I can show you.  Just. Pick. Me. Up.”

I never had an issue with illegally using my phone in the car before the smart phone.  But now the endless cycle of traffic signals and stopped vehicles was pulling me to the dark side.

Then this morning I started checking my email while the coffee was brewing.  Oh, the opulence!  Read, delete, next email!  I was multi-tasking before 5am.  Now THAT is what I’m talking about.  Then, I realized I’d been standing there for 20 minutes.  The coffee was done.  I’m now running late for work.  Crap.

So, the new smart phone has crack-a-licous power.  I should have known.  Too many times I’ve seen people at dinner where everyone at the table has their phone out and no one is even making eye contact.  Who knows – maybe they’re texting each other?  Anything that has that type of power probably does not need to be in my purse at all times.  It’s a little dangerous.

I’m totally enjoying myself with my new toy.  Now I just need to keep it away from my itchy fingers while I’m in the driver’s seat.


2 thoughts on “Crack-a-licious Smart Phone

    • Well, I must say that I’ve got the weird digitized music on my ringtone right now. I’ve got one I WANT to use for my default but can’t figure out how to make it work. The tech eludes me….

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