Its a Bit “LA Story”

I’ve mentioned before that I drive a lot.

150 miles a day a lot.

In that mileage I do a giant circle and have a pretty broad tour of the San Francisco Bay Area freeway system.  Here’s an idea for anyone who cares:

Highway 4

Highway 242

Highway 680

Highway 24

Highway 13

Highway 580

Highway 92

Now for the ride home…

Highway 92

Highway 580

County Road (aka Death trap) Vasco Road

Highway 4 Bypass


Large circle of fun with various sights to see along the way.

(Right now my favorite is a marquee in front of a retirement community that states: ELVIS SIGHTING! followed by the date and time *in the future*.  I’m not sure why this entertains me so much, but I’ve had a chuckle each time I’ve seen it over the past week.)

However, on to the reason for this post:

CALTRANS has been generous enough with the Calfornians’ tax money to provide large information signs throughout the highway system, kind of like the one in LA Story with which (whom?) Steve Martin’s character has a relationship.

These signs have the ability to be awesome.  Whoa!  It’s going to take me 45 minutes to drive the next 10 miles into Oakland?  There must be an accident!  Or, the also helpful warning on the bridge that the right lane is going to be closed in the next 1/2 mile.  (Note to self: move over now as no one is going to be kind enough to let you in later!)

But, more often than not I just have to laugh at what someone decides to publish for the entire commuting community to see.  Last week there was VERY heavy fog.  Fog so heavy I couldn’t even see the bridge from my office parking lot that actually butts up against the bridge base.  The sign at the base of the bridge was kind enough to inform me of this fog.  (I think that is what it was telling me anyway – it was really foggy….)

Then, there is my personal favorite message:  a message informing me that the Bay Bridge is going to be closed for the weekend – but not THIS weekend.  No.  President’s Day weekend.  The weekend 15 days from now.  EVERY single sign – including some extras that CALTRANS put out on medians, etc. – has this message on it.

(It’s actually kind of distracting.  Where are all these extra signs from?  Is there an emergency?)

All other possible helpful information has been bumped for this tidbit that I have no use for until month end.  (Or, let’s be real.  I don’t drive into the city on purpose for ANY reason.  I take public transportation.  I don’t care if the bridge is closed or not.)

If history is going to repeat itself my guess is that this message is on ALL freeway signs in the state.  So, even if I’m driving AWAY from San Francisco toward Tahoe or even the mecca that is Disneyland, I’ll have this information in my back pocket for future reference.  Seriously – this deserves a great big What The?….

Last year there was a giant freeway re-route/closure in the greater Los Angeles area.  I got those messages of closure during my daily commute.  I had no idea where the 205 freeway was.  Thank goodness for coworkers and local media who were constantly telling me about the impending “Carmageddon”.  Imagine my relief when I realized I could stop thinking about it – because it was taking place 350 miles from my life.  Whew!

I guess I just get to appreciate the effort that the state is going through to keep me informed and laugh at the result.  Now, if they could just put that much effort into patching up those potholes…


2 thoughts on “Its a Bit “LA Story”

    • Nope – I took the job, so the decision was mine to make. However, if they ask me to drive somewhere besides my office they pay me for mileage. 🙂 (The irony of that situation is the locations they usually ask me to go are closer than the office!)

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