Oops. That was my Bad Attitude talking.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk.

Because of this the majority of my past posts have been heavy on the “woe is me” and “whine/bitch/whine” themes.  Sorry about that.

I’m not sure if this is because I’ve over committed my life and I feel poorly over my lack of success at completing everything on my plate or if I’m just in a low spot.  (Or perhaps it’s hormonal – that’s always an option.)

Anyway – I’m sorry.  That’s all.

I’d like to re-turn over the leaf I flipped back in February 2011.  (Does that sentence even make sense?)

I want to go back to the excited, positive-thinking, “Just Say NO to Negativity!” lady I was then.

I apparently need to “effort” that.

Summer days are here – and they are fleeting.  I’m not going to spend a glorious summer with a dark-as-night mood.  Summers are for fun!  Summers are for relaxation!  Summers are for trying something new and re-inventing yourself!

(Can you tell what I did each and every summer from kindergarden up until I was tossed out of college for being crazy?)

So – starting RIGHT NOW I’m going to start looking for joy in my surroundings.

I need a pretty/inspiring/motivating picture-ish item for my desk.  I need to take a walk in the sunshine.  I need to actually TAKE the breaks I’m provided by our government when at work, and use that time to appreciate the beauty and humor around me.

I need to bring my phone/camara with me to record items RIGHT THEN so I don’t get sucked back into the negative vortex of procrastination.  (Example: I need to take another walk and get a pic of that random-ness later so I can blog/chat about it – which then doesn’t happen.  And, the spiral begins anew.)

I’ve said it before – and I’m sure I’ll say it again – but I have to start (insert title/name of newest grand scheme here), and it may as well be now.

Today the Grand Scheme is Be Positive.

Let’s go.  🙂


Killing Me Slowly

My hands have been KILLING ME. Painful – hot – swollen. NASTY.

Pain makes me cranky. Crankier than normal.

(Let me insert an apology here to everyone I’ve come in contact with in the past, oh, I don’t know, 6 months… Sorry for losing my temper and being generally bitchy/cranky/overly-sensitive/etc.)

The good news is that the pain and associated symptoms are not rheumatoid arthritis. Yay for not having an autoimmune disorder!

Bad news: I have some random form of tendonitis and osteo-arthritis in my hands. What does this mean? It means that my pain is caused by my incessant typing. This stupidity (as well as lot of OTHER stupidity) is caused by my job.


I’ve been typing since I was about 8 years old. I was that strange kid who asked their parents to buy a computer program to teach me to type. I figured this would be both useful for my future in an increasingly computer-dominated world and thought it would be fun. My new activity would be a two-fer. Woot!

(And yes, this really was my thought as an 8 year old kid. I was strange that way.)

My Dad purchased Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. (There was no 2.0 or 15 after it – since this was the FIRST incarnation and was largely DOS based. No fancy graphics here!) I then continued to spend many hours each day after school for the next several years tippity-tapping the keyboard while I honed my typing skills.

(I was typing at about 40 wpm by the time I was 11. If I’m on a roll now I can motor through at about 75. The bonus is that I think it’s FUN. Whoo hoo for enjoying your job!)

I’m quite sad that typing is now causing me such physical pain. I sit in front of a keyboard between 8 to 12 hours each day, and was sincerely hoping for more between increased blogging and some possible transcription gigs.

Here’s to hoping the prescribed physical therapy teaches me something and the pain level decreases.

The Unexpected

Today I visited my general practitioner regarding some (slightly scary) hand pain.  However, what got me wasn’t so much her reaction to my swollen and hot mid-30’s hands – but her instant reaction to the scratch on my inner wrist.

This scratch was given to me by my loveable – but completely ornery – cat.  (He was having a bad day and I got in his way.)  Now, this is a good scratch – it bled, scabbed over, and is now forming a pretty angry looking red scar.  I have accepted it and really don’t think much of it since it doesn’t hurt – and my hands do.

However, it appears that my “colorful” mental health history had put my poor doc on high alert at the sight of a scratch on my inner wrist.  Instant response?  “Oh, What do we have here?!  How did this happen?”

I almost wanted to laugh – what DOES my medical chart look like?  Each time I call my HMO do warning bells go off?

Alert!  Alert!  Highly unstable mentally ill patient calling!  Listen for signs of increased aggitation and instability!

Does “CRAZY LADY!” come up on a scrolling ribbon at the top of the screen every time my name shows up?

I guess this can be a good thing in times of crisis.  However, today I found it quite entertaining.

As far as my painful, swollen hands are concerned – the jury is still out.  It’s either “occupational” due to my heavy keyboard duties or something else entirely.  They took blood and scheduled some consults.  Good times.

30 Day Challenge!

Okay – GO!

In an effort to get off my sorry, procrastinating butt I’m starting a 30 Day Challenge TODAY!

This challenge will consist of the following:

*  1 post each day for 30 days.

*  1 post each week will involve a picture.  (That’s right folks – COLOR is coming to crazysuburbanite!)

*  Posts will be wrtten in under 30 minutes.

This challenge is an effort to actually start posting more.  I’ve realized I often feel like I don’t have time to post, so I do nothing.  The upcoming posts will be short and sweet (and will likely also be snarky).  Don’t expect greatness here.  I’m striving for consistancy!

And, in the words of the fantastic Peter Pan, “Here we goooooo!!!!!!”