The Unexpected

Today I visited my general practitioner regarding some (slightly scary) hand pain.  However, what got me wasn’t so much her reaction to my swollen and hot mid-30’s hands – but her instant reaction to the scratch on my inner wrist.

This scratch was given to me by my loveable – but completely ornery – cat.  (He was having a bad day and I got in his way.)  Now, this is a good scratch – it bled, scabbed over, and is now forming a pretty angry looking red scar.  I have accepted it and really don’t think much of it since it doesn’t hurt – and my hands do.

However, it appears that my “colorful” mental health history had put my poor doc on high alert at the sight of a scratch on my inner wrist.  Instant response?  “Oh, What do we have here?!  How did this happen?”

I almost wanted to laugh – what DOES my medical chart look like?  Each time I call my HMO do warning bells go off?

Alert!  Alert!  Highly unstable mentally ill patient calling!  Listen for signs of increased aggitation and instability!

Does “CRAZY LADY!” come up on a scrolling ribbon at the top of the screen every time my name shows up?

I guess this can be a good thing in times of crisis.  However, today I found it quite entertaining.

As far as my painful, swollen hands are concerned – the jury is still out.  It’s either “occupational” due to my heavy keyboard duties or something else entirely.  They took blood and scheduled some consults.  Good times.


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